It's been more than a decade since I used my Mr Beer kit, but recently two batches have been passed through it.  The first, the All American Gold recipe, has spent it's first week in the fridge after two in the keg and two in the bottle.  The second, Chug-a-lug recipe, is going in the bottles this evening. So I'm looking to step up my game a bit.  In my recent web browsing I came across a review for an Cream Ale  extract mix where the reviewer said he added Lorann Watermelon Oil at bottling.  His method was to add "slightly less than a dram" to a five gallon batch in the bottling bucket. So I began researching what Cream Ale should be.  Apparently, it's not hoppy, nor malty.  The cream feel comes from using flaked corn.  To me, that meant Classic American Light mix and flaked corn.  Maybe others would work, but I do try to make beer that appeals to other people around me.  After all, the best thing about making beer is sharing it around the BBQ! So here's what I plugged into qbrew, then ordered. 1 - can Classic American Light 1 - 1# flaked corn 1- Safale US-05 dry yeast 1 - package of Whirlfloc 1 - dram of Lorann Watermelon oil  (propylene glycol based I think) So, here's my questions.  Any advice on the amount of flaked corn?  Would you boil that for 5 minutes and include the Whirlfloc, then continue Mr Beer style by removing from heat and adding the HME?