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MRB Josh B

Mr.Beer Customer Account vs. Mr.Beer Community Account

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Currently, Mr.Beer Customer Accounts (accounts created on www.mrbeer.com) are separate from accounts created on the Mr.Beer Community (community.mrbeer.com).


Your MrBeer.com Account credentials will not grant access to the Mr.Beer Community, and vice verse.


We do plan on integrating the accounts together down the road, but at this moment they remain separate.



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Maintaining a secure environment across our systems of the utmost importance to us.


Having integrated accounts, or having a single sign on, can be done a number of ways that maintain security.  We're still considering options both with our developers and with our security teams.  For example, there are solutions that we could employ that would only be a one way authentication, such as a successful MrBeer.com log-in would authenticate a Community log in and not the other way around.  Many options would allow user passwords not to be the same across accounts, and other measure to insure security.


We're very much in preliminary exploration on this feature, and we'll be keeping you all up to date on any moves forward.  The initial post was just to clarify for some members who had some confusion due to the fact that mrbeer.com and community.mrbeer.com now share a similar site header and footer.

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