I made a Raspberry Oktoberfest with Mr. Beer HMEs.  First, I never had a fruit recipe overflow, even when using two cans of Oregon fruit.  Adding them at one week, keeping temps in the mid 60s, works wonders.  Having added cherry, blueberry, and raspberry fruit to Mr. Beer HMEs, my experience is that only raspberry came through as a flavor.  Therefore, I no longer use real cans of fruit - I'm now using fruit flavors at drinking time.   I created a fruit wheat beer base, i.e. a wheat beer with no fruit, and first drank it last week.  I used LorAnn flavors, which I bought directly from the company.   I also bought their eye droppers, although learned afterwards that you cannot store the dropper in the flavor as the fumes from the fruit will degrade the rubber over time and ruin the flavor.   We added 2 small drops into the glass, then poured in the beer.  Raspberry was excellent, strawberry was ok.  Peach wasn't much, apricot was very good.