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The notion of mad scientist brewing is often mentioned as to be avoided for new brewers. SInce I am an old brewer (haha) I think we need a special thread for experiments.


Having successfully made the "Golden One" as  "Belgian Blonde", I figured I would try an "American Blonde" instead. (None of that sniggering there).

So I started one today but deviated a bit in using a hop from "down under".  "American Blonde visits Down Under"?

Anyway this is the variant.

1 can CAL

1 can American Lager (actually Patriot - I had to use it up)

1/2 lb Wheat DME

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp coriander seed - crushed ( I may have overdone this) 

1/2 oz Galaxy hop pellets

T-58 yeast


I started it around 2 pm and in 8 hours there is a nice foam on it and it has a really strong aroma coming out  from the Galaxy. That is powerful.


Currently wort temp is mid to low 70s in 65 deg environ.


Any other experiments out there?

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cant recall for sure but long ago I took dogsnharleys modified  nw pale with orange peel...


steeped some carapils... added coriander, lime peel,  I think a lb of dme...  and some honey....  got the abv to around 9%. it was a franken brew that despite a little fusels it was outstanding in 3 months.  the orange peel was in your face... 


playing around with things is a good way to learn how things impact your beer.

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Looking back at my notes I have more experiments than standard recipes.

The experiments have taught me a lot but their rate of substandard beers is higher that sticking to a recipe.  Although just sticking to a recipe doesn't always make a stand out brew either.

I think you have to really take your time to find great recipes first then do your best to replicate them exactly.

Tea, Tang, Jelly Bellies, Hop extract, Citrus peel, Ginger extract, Pomegranate  molasses, Coffee, Cocoa Powder are all ingredient I have played with.

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I had an extra can of cerveza that I needed to use up, along with some additional hops and yeast.  So I made the following with it:


Gallon of water


4 oz of flaked maize

2 oz of carapils

2 oz of crystal 20L


Steeped for 30 min @ 155


Brought to a boil removed from flame and added 6 oz pilsen dme, and 6 oz of light dme

returned to flame an maintained boil for 10 min / added .25 oz Magnum Hops

Boiled additional 15 min / added .25 oz Citra Hops

Boiled additional 15 min / added .25 oz Cascade Hops

added 4 oz of corn sugar

Boiled additional 5 min and added .25 oz HBC 342 Experimental (from More Beer) and .25 oz Willamette

at flameout added can of cerveza


Fermented with Safale 05 at approximately 68 degrees for 3 weeks

Bottled with Demerara sugar solution

Bottle conditioned for 5 weeks (took longer for the beer to clear than I thought)

In fridge conditioning now (third day)


Yes I've taste tested a bottle and it is pretty darn good.  Moderate head retention, slight lacing.  High citrus with melon and floral notes.  Somewhere though I'm getting a pine aroma?  Not sure why.   I used a Pliny the Elder clone as my inspiration.  So maybe I will call this Pliny's Nipote.

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Welcome to the community Drankthat!


That looks like a great recipe! I may have to steal it from you. Though I would probably use Simcoe and Centennial since that's what Pliny uses and I love Pliny (who doesn't?). Pliny also uses a concentrated hop extract so I might consider that, too. I've tried recreating that beer several times and it's just never the same. I wish I knew exactly what sorcery they use to make that legendary beer. 

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10oz Greek Yogurt

1/2lb Strawberries

1/2lb Blueberries

1/4lb Raspberries

1/4lb pasion fruit

8oz Vodka


Mix in blender, pour in glass, drink.



With that much fruit I would suggest 12oz vodka. :P  :blink:


That's just something I came up with off the top of my head. No real thought process involved... :)

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Cider and Witty Monk. I went to the apple orchard and picked 20 pounds worth. I juiced a portion and had 1 gallon of cider juice. I brought it to a boil to kill whatever might be living in it. I added it to an OLD can of Witty Monk that I found in the basement (expired in 2009). The Witty Monk had been kept in a climate controlled, dark area and showed no signs of bulging or denting.

I added 2/3 pound of brown sugar. I have no idea what I'm going to get.

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just finished the octoberfest 5 gal extract/grain recipe yesterday, looking forward to drinking that one. its maddening tryin to brew anything with my hectic work schedule, but I make it happen, looking forward when I take sum vacation I saved up to start my 10 gal winter dark sumthing sumthing ale. doin a test batch to determine how mad scientific I can go with this and make it turn out pretty good

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