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Yep, Mr Beer needs to retire pages to a still accessible archive, even if they are not mainstream items.

I understand the need to keep the mainstream items fresh and updated and to limit number to keep page and search manageable. But please - make an archive.

Even a downloadable spreadsheet.


I do have a copy of an OLD spreadsheet - similar format would work - not a lot of text needed just what is in it and what the process parameters are.


Old recipes

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THANK YOU for posting the archived recipes! I print the ones I make and annotate as I go but there are a couple that I really had my eye on and hadn't plunked for them yet - keeping my one LBK pretty busy. One further suggestion would be to add the descriptive text. The ones that I have made or noticed, I've got a good idea of their "character" but if I had an idea that I wanted to stretch a bit or was hunting for a certain special brew, the texts would help. Some of them are cute but then give a one line synopsis.

Once I have the experience of some of you all, maybe I will be able to "read" the recipe to know which LME and hops will steer me where. Hopefully away from what my daughter described as "halfway between bacon and soap."

Eric's Latest Mistake -

Brewing: Cole Porter

Aging: Saison du Miel, Belgian Christmas Ale

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Where have I been?  I see that the archived recipes are now accessible from the Mr. Beer main site!  The link is at the way bottom-left of the homepage under the "Customer Service" section.  This is pretty cool in that the recipe appears in the original "marketable" format, with the pictures, reviews, instructions and description -- well done and thank you Mr. Beer!:)

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On 2/29/2016 at 6:32 PM, MnMBeer said:



I have a MR Beer book printed in 1997 with some pretty cool recipes. I am sure the wort will have to be substituted.


Any one interested? I can scan it into a PDF. Send PM. If the interest is grand I will post it here.


Best, M


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So if those old recipes use the old HMEs, what then is really needed as an adjunct is a conversion from old to new HMEs.

I do have a bunch of old style recipes in a spreadsheet (attached at bottom) . The sheet includes a tab per HME with suggested recipes.


e.g. Black Tower Porter Mr. Beer Black Tower Porter Refill Brew Pack


This came as 2 cans = each for 1 Gal. = I think 18.4 oz each

This is the deluxe pack - using 2 cans.--> 4.7%

The regular cans needed added booster pack with a single can to get to 3.7%. Note old booster pack was 12 oz  giving about 1.2% add..

So each old can gets you to about 2.5%

Compare to current HMEs giving approx. 3.5 (std.) or 5.5 (craft)

The spreadsheet has the IBU and SRM so you can make adjustments.


As you will see in the sheet, one thing they often did was to combine 2 different old style cans for a 2 gal batch for a recipe. This is not so easy now the cans are larger - unless you make a 4 gal batch.


By the way - here is the MOST EXPENSIVE homebrew ever - must be a collector item



And this link still works for archived recipes although I do not see how to get to it from Mr B Home page.






OId Mr. Beer Recipes.xlsx

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The pre-Cooper smaller cans (2012 and before) are NOT comparable, nor convertible to the Coopers cans of Mr. Beer (Fall 2012 and forward).  Don't waste  your time trying.  


The quality of them was much inferior to those today.  For those that absolutely must have them, a in-depth Google search will reveal a source.  Having brewed them, I would save my keystrokes.

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