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27 minutes ago, Pantooka said:

Just so I understand correctly: 2 months before those bottles go to the refrigerator?  Thanks!

3 weeks Fermenting, 4 weeks minimum carb/conditioning time at room temp (70-72*F) (so, yes we are at about 2 months at this point) Place ONE bottle in the refrigerator for 3 full days, open and drink on day 4 If it tastes ok but you feel it could be better, (take notes... you will reference them later) let the rest sit at room temp for another 4 weeks, then repeat the chilling and drinking of one bottle, (compare to previously taken notes... take notes from this tasting) if it tastes ok or good but you feel it could be better, repeat previous instructions, if it tastes great and you are 100% satisfied then refrigerate all the remaining bottles and enjoy responsibly!

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