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screw cap glass bottles??

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If you are a purist, then no.  Otherwise...

Yes.  Actually.  The ones I've tried seal very well.

In addition, against all advice, I have been reusing the original screw caps, more often than I have over reloaded the same shotgun shells.

Shotgun shells eventually expand too large for the breech.

Screw caps eventually loosen up too much to hold high pressure.  However, they still hold CO2 against outside leakage, so I've never had a spoiled bottle of beer.  This gives me the knowledge of when to throw away the old cap and make a new one.  Or just buy some new screw top bottles to empty.


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On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2016 at 9:02 AM, J A said:

Pretty easy to find standard bottles if you're scrounging. You just gotta hit the dumpsters behind the snooty bars rather than the honky-tonks.:D

WoW! thanx for the advice!! I've been digging in the wrong dumpsters all this time! oh by the way, McDonalds dumpsters really dnt have any beer bottles, but every once in awhile u can score on a freshly dumped happy meal!!!

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