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NEW RECIPE - Salty Dawg Grapefruit Gose!!

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I've been working on this one for awhile and it is, by far, my personal favorite recipe yet. Made with grapefruit, coriander, lactic acid, and sea salt, in a wheat/pilsner base this beer is a great representation of the German goses that are making a comeback, especially here in the states. This is a great introduction into sour beers for those that have never had them before because it's not overpowering like some sours can be. Slightly sour with a slightly salty finish, and a LOT of grapefruit flavor/aroma, this is an excellent beer.


A little gose history: http://www.germanbeerinstitute.com/Gose.html


Keep in mind that you don't HAVE to use grapefruit. You can use any fruit you like, or omit the fruit altogether. But I found that grapefruit works very well with the lactic acid and salt.


Get your Salty Dawg HERE!





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44 minutes ago, Marlymarl said:

Could i add the fruit at day 7 after rack to secondary for more grapefruit flavor?


You could, but there is already a LOT of grapefruit flavor if you follow the instructions. Unlike other fruits, citrus can be used in primary without the worry of flavors being stripped. In most other fruits, the flavor is derived from the sugars in the fruit, but in citrus, most of the flavor is found in the oils and the acids of the fruit. These are unfermentable and will remain even in the most vigorous fermentations. With that said, you can add the juice with the lactic acid to get more grapefruit flavor, but as I said, if you follow the instructions, it will already be very fruit forward.

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