I have been thinking about doing this one for several months. I heard about a brewery out West that made this beer several years ago. My biggest concern was the various oils that would come from the Doritos and how to deal with that oil.   Yesterday I pulled the trigger.   After mashing (I use a 5 gallon drink cooler and a paint strainer bag) and collecting 3.8 gallons of wort I realized that there was quite a layer of oil on top.  As I was heating to a boil it was fairly easy to skim it off and remove it with a spoon. By the time boiling started, I had removed most all of the oil. A small amount came up as the boil started but was easily removed. The boil went as planned and cooled wort that was visibly oil free was transferred to a carboy and yeast was pitched. This evening (24 hours in) I noticed what appears to be some small droplets of oil on the top of the fermenting wort.   I will say that PBW and hot water made quick work of cleaning my equipment leaving no residual oils or smell.    2.5 gallon all grain 3#         2 row brewers malt 1.5#     Cool Ranch Doritos (crushed) .25oz    Cascade (60 min) .25oz    Cascade (5 min) Wyeast American Ale yeast #1056   Mashed @ 148 for 90 minutes, then a 60 minute boil.  OG          1.049 IBUs          16   I will update in two weeks at bottling time.