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Brewing and Temperature

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Well this is my first attempt at Brewing. My son bought me the Mr. Beer LBK and I've started with the American Ale. This is Day 4 and the krausen is about 1/2 inch thick and nice and cloudy almost looks like fine particles or tiny bubbles suspended below. Anyway the outside temp is 71/72 any reason to be concerned?

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3 weeks is a guideline. not a rule.  even with a vigorous fermentation, the extra time allows the yeast to clean up potentially off flavored byproducts.  it also helps those who do not own a hydrometer to be fairly sure fermentation is completely done.  bottling before the yeast are done can make bottle bombs.


since your temp was a little high the yeast likely got stressed in the critical first few days of the ferment.  stressed yeast produce off flavors. ale yeast tends to produce cidery flavors when warm or hot.  it is a chemical compound acetaldehyde.  giving the ferment 3 weeks will let the yeast clean up much of this  but you still may taste green apples.


do not expect great beer your first few times. you will make mistakes. learn from them. think of your first beer as your first child. sometimes kids don't come out perfect but you still love them right?   so... even if it comes out tasting like watery apple cider.. enjoy. you made beer. your next will be better.


next beer try for temperature control.  put the LBK in a cooler.  freeze plastic bottles with water.  put a digital aquarium thermometer in the cooler.  put in one ice bottle. close the lid and watch the temperature inside the cooler.  ale yeast like to be around 60-66f. . . usually. if your cooler temp is 64f, the inside lbk  temp will be around 70..maybe 74f during peak fermentation. this is fine.


monitor and watch how adding different amounts of ice impact temp. . . how long does the cooling last? count on swapping out an ice bottle every 12 hours. you will have some minor fluctuations but it will be fine.  know your yeast. some yeast like hot temps. (saison yeast).  different yeast make different flavors at different temps.


have fun... and welcome. 

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