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Filtering before bottling?

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No - there are live yeast cells suspended in the green beer that will grow and multiply in the bottle, enabling carbonation. Some sediment is part of that fermentation process. Also. filtering will oxygenate your beer before you bottle. Oxygen is destructive. I won't describe the process here, but you could rack to a secondary, condition, filter and then carbonate with pressurized CO2. Personally, I am not trying to recreate the filtered, mass produced beers. I'm fully enjoying my bottle carbonated and conditioned ales with sediment.

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5 hours ago, Jsmall41 said:

Do any of you run your beer through a filter from the fermenter as you bottle to eliminate possible sediment?

Sediment generally will settle out and harden up in a few weeks/months.

Look at my post today of Baltic Porter (Watcha drinking tonight), that was less than 3 weeks in bottle, looks pretty clear to me - especially as it had 2x 30 minute car rides before drinking.

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