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Ideal Temperature?

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I got anxious and tried one of my Rye IPAs (12 ounce in glass) carbed with a small Domino dot....it's great!

4th batch of Mr. Beer recipes, and this is the first one that I think is perfect!  Tastes really good, and the carbonation is exactly how I like it...

Thanks everyone for their suggestions and advice :)


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Hey guys total newbie here. My kit doesn't even arrive until tomorrow. Ordered the complete Bewitched Amber Ale kit with LBK, bottles, etc. 


Been reading a lot and I'm worried about temperature. I live in Arizona. It's still mid  to high 90s outside. Inside I keep my temp at 78-80. Can I let it ferment in the LBK at that temp? Then let the bottles condition in the same temperature? 


I'm planning on letting everything sit in my pantry closet, in the dark, possibly in a Coleman cooler? Should I add frozen water bottles?



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Welcome to the forum!


I would definitely go the Coleman cooler route with frozen water bottles.  You'll want to keep the temperature of the wort around the 65-68 degree range.  A thermometer such as this will tell you what the wort temp is.  You can also pick up an aquarium thermometer at a pet store.


Proper temperature control during fermentation was probably the single most important step I undertook to improve my brews.

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