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Old Sherry Chocolate-Cherry Belgian Brown

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I was in the mood for a mash yesterday so I cleaned out the grain cupboard and took a shot at the Oud Bruin style:


Old Sherry Chocolate-Cherry Belgian Brown


Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner HME

Mr. Beer Smooth LME

Weyermann Vienna, 0.6 lb.

Weyermann Munich Type II, 0.4 lb.

Briess Pilsner, 0.25 lb.

Weyermann Melanoidin, 0.17 lb.

Weyermann Acidulated malt, 0.25 lb.

Chateau Special B, 0.17 lb.

Flaked corn, 0.12 lb.

Weyermann CaraAroma, 0.13 lb.

Lyle's Black treacle, 0.17 lb.

Safbrew Abbaye dry ale yeast

Light Oak chips + Cacao nib tincture in Sherry one week prior to brew day.  Add following primary fermentation.

Red tart cherries, 12 oz. puréed.  Add following primary fermentation.


Mash grains for an hour @ 154, sparge and boil for an hour.  Add LME and treacle with 7-8 minutes left and HME @ flame-out.


Age finished beer - should be 'provisionally' ready to be enjoyed about Labor Day.


This is going to be The One, haha?


OG was 1.058

IBU ~ 20

SRM ~ 18





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