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Color of Mr Beer finished beers - No lighter than copper color for me yet

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I have tried several Mr. Beer recipies and am starting to get good results.  I just tried a tapped into two well conditioned Klondike Gold and Long Play IPAs yesterday and they came out great!


One thing I notice about all my Mr. Beer recipes is that the finished beer comes out on the darker side.  The lightest I am seeing is about the copper color of a Sam Adams.  (NW Ale, Long Play IPA, Klondike Gold) Many go much darker, even to a coca cola color (Diablo IPA, Vodoo Ale).


Do any Mr. Beer recipes brew lighter in color?  


Any sample photos you have would help here.

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Extract beers are always darker than any commercial example of a style.  That is because of the process used to make extract and the fact that it darkens as it ages.  If you are making beers from grain and not extract you get the lighter beers you are looking for.  No real issue with the darker color from a flavor standpoint, just appearance.

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