What Size Mini-Fridge?

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28 minutes ago, MrWhy said:

2 LBKs fit in it?

Yep, but I've only got one in it for now. 

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Here it is with two in it, Abbey Dubbel on top and That Voodoo That You Do (brewed today) on the bottom.

I don't want to sound like a shill for this model of fridge, but it's great so far:  efficient, well insulated, and very, very quiet.  Unless you listen very closely you can't even tell it's on.


I really like that I don't have to pause my brewing for things like vacations now.  I'm heading out of town tomorrow through Monday to go to a friend's retirement from the Air Force Reserve.  My normal routine is to bottle a batch, clean the LBK, and then get the next beer from the Brew Queue going right away.  In the past I'd have bottled today then waited until next week to brew the next batch.  Now I can just keep on brewing on. :) 


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