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First Brew In Two Years!

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I put a batch in the LBK last Friday, almost two years to the day of when I bottled my last. I cannot lie, it feels good to be "back". I made an American Ale, with one booster pack.. I used only one because....well, I never used booster before, and I forgot I was supposed to use them both. I use "forgot" loosely, I was drinking when I did it, and was also fresh off a graveyard shift, so suffice it to say that I was less than mentally sharp, lol. Anyway, this is a pretty basic brew, just to get my feet wet again. Before I went on hiatus I was adding all kinds of DME and hops, and I will again here pretty quick I'm sure. I really want to do a partial mash. What are y'alls thoughts on this?

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EPETE! welcome back!


partial mash are easy.  you can mash in a grain bag in a pot with a lid because it will be a small scale. you can mash in a large mason jar and strain out the grain. you can do all kinds of things.  if kept to a small scale you probably wont need to be too worried about water chemistry too much... I could be wrong.  temperature of mashing and sparging will be important.


mashing is different from steeping because you are converting more starch to sugar... your efficiency will be higher than steeping.   steeps are typically done for body or color. mashing for everything...flavor...body... color...aroma... there's all kinds of good sources out there to learn partial and full mashing.






you can easily do a mix of LME or HME and grain.  you just have to know what you are adding to it and what to expect.  when you decide you want to take the plunge and go all grain, expect some cost and lots of extra work... some math... some chemistry...  but the perk is:  because you do all the work and not some kit maker, you can brew 5 gallons batches for peanuts. 


don't rush things. go at your own pace... and do your homework before you try a new way of doing things.


welcome back!



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