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Booster in a 6 gallon batch

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Ok so I'm stepping up to a six gallon batch but would like to add the brewmax Booster for increased ABV


Does anybody have any guidance. 


My plan was

3 cans of Bewitched Amber Ale

3 packs Golden LME

6 packs of the newer version of Booster

(I've read that I need 6 packs rather than 3 or the original size)


I believe this would give me a similar beer to the Voodoo That You Do, along with added ABV due to the booster. 

Any recommendation would be helpful. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Are you going to be using the LME and brown sugar as well?


In a 2 gallon batch Bewitched HME is 5.5 ABV.

Add 2 booster and you get 6.8 ABV.


Now scaling that up it all stays the same.  In a 6 gallon batch, using 3 Bewitched and 6 boosters you stay at 6.8.


However, if you are going by the voodoo recipe

Bewitched Amber HME

1 gold LME

1 cup brown sugar you get about 7.5 ABV

(amber 5.5, 1 for the gold, 1 for the sugar.)


Adding 2 booster to that gets you 8.8 ABV. Which is honestly what I would do, but I like brewing big, high ABV beers whenever I can.




Sorry, I did not read your post carefully. 2 packs booster (6 for the 6 gallon batch) does get you in the ABV range. However,  in regards to flavor, brown sugar and booster have two really different effects. If you are trying to get the Voodoo taste you want to use the brown sugar.





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2 hours ago, DanielBaker said:

So only 2 packs of booster for a 6 gallon batch?

i thought you used 2 packs for a 2 gallon batch which is why I scaled up to 6 packs for the larger amount. 


Thanks again for your input. 


Well....what are you trying to do?


Are you trying to replace the brown sugar in the voodoo that you do with booster?

Or are you using booster to up the ABV of the original recipe?


You can use as many packs of booster as you want/don't want for any recipe. Essentially booster is used to add some body and up the ABV. (honestly, mostly to up the ABV without drying the beer out, like sugar does. But don't take that wrong!!!! There are absolutely times you want to dry the beer out while upping the ABV!)


2 packs in a standard 2 gallon recipe will up the ABV by 1.3 percent.


So if you want to up the ABV by 1.3 percent in a 6 gallon recipe, you need to use 6 packs....if you wanted to up it by 2.6 you would use 12 packs....if you want to up it by .65% you use 2 packs.....etc.





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