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Howling red ale recipe

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Hey guys.... I'm doing the Howling red ale recipe, and instead of using the Brewmax softpack, I bought a Briess  golden light LME cannister. Since this cannister is really large, my question is how much would I use to equate to the original recipe? Would the softpack be more concentrated? I can't find anything that would tell me it's different. I won't use the whole cannister, but using only 1/5 of it seems wrong too.




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Each Brewmax Softpack is .55 lbs or 8.8 oz. Keep in mind, though, that Briess Golden Light is not the same as our Golden Softpack. Our Golden is a wheat malt. The Briess Golden Light is not a wheat malt and would be similar to our Pale Softpack.

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2 hours ago, Cammanron said:

Yes, ok... Good. My question was if I can use equal amounts? Do they equate somewhat similarly? I can't get the Brewmax packs here without being WAY overcharged in shipping. (1 Brewmax packet costs $35.87 Cdn)


If your question is in regards to amount of malt/abv impact, then yes. They equate. use 8.8 oz...or .55 lbs. In those regards, LME is LME (mostly).


What @MRB Josh R is pointing out though, is that these are different LMEs and using the Briess Gold Light is different than using the Mr. Beer Gold. It would be like replacing the Mr. Beer Gold with the Mr. Beer pale. There is going to be a difference.


Is it enough of a difference to be a deal breaker? I would say no. You will still make a great beer. Just not exactly the same beer as with a wheat LME.


Do you have access to a homebrew store? With the shipping costs and issues, you might want to really look at using pale DME (dry malt extract.) By in bulk if you can. The supplement that with some partial mash work. Whenever you are working a recipe and just can't get the LME packs, people here can help you replicate using DME and some grains.

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