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Oktoberfest Lager - Looking for Partial Mash suggestions!

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Creative brewers - I need your help!  I have an Oktoberfest Lager extract and I would like to dress up the recipe a bit.


I have several grains left over from other recipes that I can use.  I also have a can of Oregon Cherries and syrup (offered by Mr Beer) and brown sugar.


Here is what I have at my disposal - 


- 1 can Oktoberfest Lager

- 1 packet Falconers Flight Pellet Hops

- Chocolate Malt - 4 oz

- Munich Malt - 2 oz

- Roasted Barley - 2 oz

- flaked corn - 2 oz

- Black Malt - 2 oz

- Crystal Malt 40 - 2 oz


I just have the standard brewer's yeast that came with the Oktoberfest extract


Potential adjuncts - 

- Brown Sugar

- Oregon Cherries in the can


So what should I make here?  Thanks Brewers!!


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Thanks @Shrike!  @MrWhy - is this really your advice??  Let fly!  Weapons free!??


All the malts!




Seriously I do have a pale LME I can add too.  Should I do that as well?


PS - this Oktoberfest LME is has been in a cool cellar (my brothers) but expiry is 2014.  I figure it should be good to make still though, right?  I will snag a fresh yeast from a newer extract.

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Okay @Shrike - It is all settled in nicely in an LBK and fermenting away in a mini fridge set for 70 degrees.


I partial-mashed the Crystal and Munich and added the Pale LME plus the Falconer's Flight hops to the batch.


I will report back on how it turns out.  I used fresh yeast from the Long Play IPA that came with a Funky Buddha (and put the old yeast from 2014 on my oatmeal this AM for breakfast!  LOL)


While I was at it, I also brewed a Funky Buddha Double IPA and will look forward to bottling 2 batches in three weeks!

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Just one question - What were you aiming for?  Just my personal opinion, not meaning to be so negative,  but  throwing ingredients together, without a goal or idea of the results is not good brewing.  Secondly, fermenting at 70 deg F is rather high, for most ales. Hope for the best and let us know how it turns out.

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KaijuBrew  - Just reflecting on your brew, The Munich was a good choice, a hint of Crystal OK and pale LME. I think it was the choice of hops and yeast that don't match an Oktoberfest. Anyway, you never know, it might turn out very good. Glad you did not throw everything in to create a "Monster mash".

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