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Sam Adams White Ale clone

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I'd use the Belgian Blanc as a starting point:https://www.mrbeer.com/belgian-blanc-recipe


It's not exactly the same, but it's along the same lines. The Sam Adams has Grains of Paradise seeds as well, if you wanted to get fancy. For partial mash I'd add 2-row and white wheat. Apparently they use Citra hops, as well, so you might want to add those instead of Hallertau.


Note: I haven't had this particular beer, but I've had many like it, so this is research-based, not experience based. You'd have to dial it in a little over a few batches. 

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Well they say at SA,

STYLE White Ale


MALT VARIETIES Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, white wheat

SPECIAL INGREDIENTS Coriander, orange peel, Grains of Paradise

COLOR Golden, SRM: 7


IBUs 15


The Belgian Blanc is this:

  • OG: 1.042 (approx.) -- FG: 1.011 (approx.)
  • Suggested conditioning time is 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Flavor: Balanced
  • ABV (alc/vol): 4.2%
  • SRM (Color): 4
  • IBU (Bitterness): 19
  • BJCP Style: 24. Belgian Ale - 24A. Belgian Witbier


So it will be a bit more bitter.  You can always add a little more malt or booster or something if you want to up the ABV to the SA amount. If you put in 4 oz each of the white wheat grains and the light 2 row, in the partial mash, you won't need more than another 4 oz (~ 1/2 pack of Golden DME) to get it there.


For grains of paradise - I read A good substitute is half and half cardamom and white pepper corns whole grains cracked. ( If you use powder I would use less.). But they warn about using too much, 1g of GoP  is plenty enough for 2 gal. I am not sure what that is in tsp but probably no more than 1/4 tsp of each of the subs.


If you use fresh orange peel zest grated off I would not use more than one orange and if you use dried bitter orange peel, only a gram or less depending if you boil it - it is easy to get too much. I found that 1 fresh med orange zest was enough for me and I did not boil the fresh but just dropped it in at the end of the boil to sterilize in a bag.

Last wit beers I made, I  boiled this crushed coriander 2g, and dried bitter orange peel 1.5g for 15 min.  removed the spices and the coriander was fine but it was too heavy on the bitter orange. So I could have boiled it less or used less in proportion of the peel. Next time I will.


Anyone else used these and how much do you add?

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In their Belgian Blanc recipe they do call for you to provide the Coriander and Orange zest. So there you have the amounts they recommend. I remember made this in the past and it is nice enough.  Won't be quite same as SA. but there it is. Fresh and dried bitter orange have different tastes. 


If you use the fresh, just grate off the colored material, not the white under it, that makes it bitter (and is included in the bitter orange peel - lol)  

Lots to think about  - so good luck with the brew.


Checking my past recipes, in 2013 I did this and then, they called for Mt Hood hops. Now they use Hallertauer.

Mt Hood is  a new relative of the Hallertauer. I don't know what taste difference there is.


Earlier this year and last  I made 8 batches of Wit beer trying to clone Hoegaarden, did not succeed but I did learn about too much bitter orange peel :-D.

But I got some drinkable refreshing brews out of it. 

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