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Trapping Wild Yeast

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Has anybody trapped their own local yeast/cultures? I have to grab my mason jars from my father's house, but I have 2 experiments going so far. 

Jar A: oats, honey, chopped raisins

Jar B: oats, honey, dried cranberries 

Both jars were sanitized proper; dried fruit was placed in bottom of jars. The oats were put in boiling water, boiled for 5 minutes. Then added the honey at "flameout" and added mixture to jars. Covered with muslin to keep bugs out.

Placed jars near open window for 24 hours. Now on hour 32 and patiently waiting for 10-14 days to go by. 

I have some apples from a local orchard I plan on getting yeast from. Also want to stick some simple wort in 2 jars (one hopped, one unhopped) and set outside for 2 days... see if I can grab some lacto or brett.

I'll post updates weekly as long as I'm experimenting. 

Anybody have any thoughts or experience on the subject?

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This is my first time trying. Many people have had success catching wild yeast, though. From what I have read, it's all about trial and error. However, fruit orchards and local fruit are more likely sources of good yeast. A lot of wine and cider makers use yeast from the vine or tree growing the fruit. 

A very simple way to collect/trap is to make a quart of simple wort (dme + water) and fill sanitized mason jars 1/3. Then place near herb or fruit garden /tree. I hear flowers can provide nice yeast too. Even an open window. Yeast is everywhere! 

To prevent sour beer, add hops to the wort to inhibit bacterial growth including lacto and brett. 

After 2 weeks, taste liquid on top which is technically booze/beer. This taste test will tell you if you've trapped a yeast worth exploring. If it's sour or nasty, try again. 

It's interesting to read up on. Here's some good general info on yeast. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/heads-up-yeast-bent-on-world-domination.html

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