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Lock Stock and Barrel Stout

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I started my Lock, Stock, And Barrel Stout yesterday, at 24 hours into it I am glad I did it in a MB 2 gallon fermenter with the krausen  extension ring and not an LBK. This brew has got several inches of krausen on it, none of my previous brews were that active. Maybe a 1/2" of foam at best. I guess it's working.



 In two weeks I am to add bourbon soaked oak chips. The kit came with 1 oz of chips and the instructions just say to add the chips for another week. I assume all of them?  Also, would a little extra bourbon cause any harm? ( I do like bourbon). The recipe says use just enough liquor to cover the chips, mine are soaking in about 4-5 oz of Bulleit. I can spoon them out when the time comes but would 4-5 oz of whisky in 2.250 gallons wreck the process?




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Regarding the krausen, I did mine in the LBK and it probably came as close to blowing over as I've had since the first batch I did (which probably reached 85 degrees during high krausen, sitting out at room temperature during the summer).  This recipe is actually the reason I joined the forum, to ask about proper temperature control.  Based on the responses, this is the first recipe I put in a cooler with ice bottles to keep the temp down while fermentation was going on.  Even so, the Nottingham yeast are voracious and went to town on all of that malt.

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