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Okay, so what I that was a silly idea, sour patch ale, turned out to have already been done, and per @Creeps McLane, is very tasty.  This got me into over-thinking, as I'm so well famous for doing.  First I wondered how to make it, ale or lager, and to which style to make it similar.  Then realizing that I kinda missed Halloween, and want to do it before next year, the idea came to me to make it for Easter.  This year Easter is on April 1, April Fools Day, so this might be the perfect day to fool friends/family with a sour patch beer.  And, while I'm at it, I can make the peanut butter cup porter that was posted here.  Then (yea, me over thinking), let's come up with more Easter beers.  Maybe the @NickfixitLucky Charm Cereal?  Smitten Bovine Milk Stout?


So, what else was I to do but start a thread.  First up is how to make the sour patch beer.  I'm wide open to suggestions.  Would like to keep it based on a Mr. Beer recipe, so now I have to figure out what direction to go


1)  Ale or Lager?

2)  Normal Recipe or Partial Mash?

3)  Light color, reddish, brown or dark?

4)  Should a low AA hop be added to reduce any sweetness from the candy?

5)  Blender puree or dry hop?

6)  Am I still overthinking?

7)  Conditioning time? 


Tomorrow at work (hopefully a light day), I'll research the net to see if anyone has posted a recipe somewhere to get ideas, and then look at the recipe spreadsheet to see if I can come up with a plan.  But if anyone has suggestions/ideas/wants to do this experiment as well, please feel free to post here.  And while we're at it, let's come up with other Easter beers.


MiniYoda..........thanks for tolerating my overthinking

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12 hours ago, MiniYoda said:

the words "Resurrection" and "Dark" make me wonder about Easter, as "Dark", might not work for that day of the year.  Halloween.....yea.....maybe.....


What's the recipe?


Right then, make that a spring seasonal Doppelbock.  I'll get to work on a recipe!

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I look forward to the Doppelbock recipe.


For my first experiment with the sour patch beer, I'm thinking a light color, refreshing, light malty base beer. I want to keep the base beer flavor and a hint of the sour candy.  With the help of the unofficial Mr. Beer spreadsheet,

- I want a very light colored beer, so I filtered out anything with an SRM above 10. 
- I want to go low hop, more malt flavor, so I filtered out anything with an IBU above 20. 
- For now, I'm keeping the ABV low, so I removed anything above 5.0%
- Although I love true lagers, for simplicity, I'm going with an ale yeast


After filtering and random eliminating, I narrowed it down to an Aztec Cerveza with either the a Golden LME or a Pale LME, no added malts or hops.  Very simple base for the initial experiment.  I'll finely chop or puree a cup of sour patch candy, the same color (no mixing flavors), and add the slurry into the LBK prior to pitching the yeast (not in the boil).  The reason for the lightest SRM.....At bottle (12oz) I'm going to add 4-5 drops of food coloring (similar to Barley's Brew: Red, White and Blue  https://www.mrbeer.com/misc-categories/archived/barley-s-brew-red-white-and-blue )  If I select the green sour patch candy, I'll use green food coloring, etc.  Might be able to find pink food coloring for the watermelon sour.  Some colors might need more drops, some might need less.


And naturally, I'll get bottle caps that match the flavor/food color.



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I don't have a big idea anyway with Easter beers, but here are some other suggestions to save you the clickwork.




And this is a bit different.





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