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plastic bottle collapse

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Have you folks ever had a plastic bottle collapse in the fridge?

I was rearranging the beer fridge to make room for the Thanksgiving Butterball and found a couple month old Naughty Creme Ale that was not just soft, it was basically deflated. I give them all a squeeze to make sure they are firm before I refrigerate them,  It's not like there was beer overflowed into the fridge . When I cracked the lid the sides popped right out and the beer level was about 1.5 inches below the top. I usually fill them more but maybe this one didn't get a top off.  Evaporation?

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No, not evaporation.  Not possible.


The reason a bottle would collapse would be a decrease of pressure in the bottle.  This happens all the time (decrease in pressure) when you refrigerate any carbonated beverage, the gas gets colder and slower and the pressure decreases.  I suspect that you undercarbed the bottle when you put your sugar in.

Edit - later yesterday I took a jar of Kraft Miracle Whip out of the frig.  It was unopened, I put it in when the previous jar was nearly empty, I hate it warm...  Anyway, the side of the plastic jar was indented.  I opened the cap, then pulled off the paper seal and the side popped back out.  Same thing.

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