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Creeps Goes Conical!

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Alright... version 2.0


Couldnt get the sight glass under the conical like i wanted. I wanted to harvest yeast in it but the legs aren’t tall enough to do so. Of course, they want you to buy their leg extensions. I dont play those game. A little lumber and some screws later and I raised it just where i need it.4BC006A3-03C4-4C63-AE77-DAFB5C88C190.thumb.jpeg.648e136f374e484ce82b5351388d6b1b.jpeg


moved the chiller so my hand isnt smacking it when using the hoist. Moved the pump which included rotating the pump head 180 degrees. 8A3893F9-CC1E-4459-8D48-B251C304F6F7.thumb.jpeg.69e63345ac7d414c58f48318c7002c11.jpeg

swithched the thermometer and recirculating valve on my kettle to make the valve closer to my pump also. Should be good to go now. 




i also emailes the guy who made my mash and boil controller and asked if he could add a mash PID to the 240v boil controller. He said “no problem” and $50 later im officially a BIAB brewer. 


my last concern was that my raised false bottom was resting ever so slightly on my heating element. I dustes off my old false bottom, threw that in my kettle with my current false bottom and now it sits just above the element. Many problems solved tonight




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50 minutes ago, Creeps McLane said:

using a conical, when do you dump trub? How many times?  When is a good time to harvest the yeast?

If I am going to harvest (which I haven't done in a long time) I will drop trub the first time ~24 hours after its been in the conical.  This is typically your dead cells, proteins, hop particles, grain bits and so on that you don't want.  I then let the rest do its thing, then once I hit FG, I drop a very little more out, then I harvest the rest and go from there :)

If I don't plan to harvest yeast, I will just wait until I hit FG and then dump all at once.  Very rarely do I have beers that go longer than 7-10 days to get to FG. 

Most beers take about 7 days, then I drop out about a gallon (or try, sometimes I end up not closing the valve in time).  I DH.  When DH is done, since I always bag my DH, I pull the bags and then move the conical to the cold room to sit for 7-10 days.  At that point I drop one last time, then keg.  :)


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