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dale hihn

peated malt

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Has anybody got any wisdom to share regarding peated malt? I saw it at the LHBS and would like to experiment but I am unsure of what style/ how much etc. I know from my reading that you must be careful to not use too much. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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"This malt is lightly peated and used to enhance flavor in Scottish type ales. While the malt is in the kiln, peat moss outside the kiln is gently smoked over slow burning coals, allowing its vapors to drift above the malt. Stronger in flavor than German Rauch (smoked) malt." -  a grain/brewing supplier


ive only used cherrywood smoked malt. I used it in a smoked porter.  used in moderation it can give a nice smoky quality that pairs well with chipotle in smoked chipotle porter.  


I haven't used peated malt... but all accounts that ive read online say use it sparingly.  

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