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91 Beers!

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6 minutes ago, MiniYoda said:

@epete28, I get an email every time a new thread starts.  The email came in from you as 91 beers, and I was impressed.  Best I can drink in one day is 30.


Then I read the body of your email.



Hahahaha! 30.....in a day.....!? That's impressive, I thought I was in the big leagues, but after 16 or 17, I'm usually done!

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1 hour ago, epete28 said:

Im talking sun up to sun down. Like if I'm off and messing around the house with yard work and stuff, an 18-pack is light work. Most of it anyway. Mind you, I mean macro light beer, not heavy craft beer.

Been years, but I would say that I could probably do a 18 pack of something lighter easily too... I am talking good beer though :)   Y'all had me worried I was an extreme light weight on everything except that scale  ;) 

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 I started this beer thing because I was too much of a bourbon fan.   I get up at 4:30 -5:am 7 days a week, these days by 9-10 pm it only takes 2 beers and I am snoozing. There are evenings where I just have ice water but I do have a few fingers of bourbon on Friday and Saturday evenings.


epete's post made me go count.  In 240ml bottles I count 78 in the beer fridge, 48 more conditioning, Then there's 4.5 to 5 gallons fermenting. At my rate of consumption I am technically set for a while .....THEN something else catches my eye that I need to order.  I am  forcing myself to slow that roll by not ordering more bottles..... for now. ;)


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As a Wisconsinite whose first word were reported to be "Blatz Beer" AND a grad from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I have been trained well. I even beat a Russian and (at the time) an East German in a beer chugging contest.  I finished before the other had eve finished half of their liter .  The total number of beers have ranged from a hell of a lot of Natty Lite to about  15 or so liters Oktoberfest when I lived in Munich and spent most of the afternoon and evening imbibing.  As well, 6-7 of the classic Lenten beer of Germany would make any one go to sleep. Still, if 91 beers were to be consumed in a day, I would give up any pretense to the throne!  


I will admit, I rarely have 91 beers in my lagerhaus ready to consume, but say 60 or so is readily doable.




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