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Size of MB Cans

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What is the size of the various MB cans of HME? I think the seasonal are 3.3 lb. I think the crafts are 2.86 lb. and the regulars are 1.87 lb. Just trying to get my numbers down for qbrew.

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2 hours ago, RickBeer said:

Yes, but no.  The seasonals are not all the same.  Of course they are also no longer sold.  Others are correct.

Well, yes they are not sold as current products but there are still 2 on the "sale" tab.

But I think that is it except for the few in brewer's basements  B) (3 Baltic Porter, an Imp Red Ale and a  Helles Bock - aging a bit but in the near queue - Red Ale this week.)



Of course that would mean that they are not relevant for QBrew for most users.

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