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What to do with a half open packet of grain

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I just brewed the Santa Rita Pale on Sunday, the kreusen is beautiful! The recipe called for 2 oz. of Crystal 15, so I have 2 ounces left in a zip lock bag. My upcoming brew, in about 2 weeks, is a Thunder Bay IPA, which I don't want to alter. After that it's a Shillelagh Stout and also a Baltic Porter. 


I guess I'm asking, how long would you keep a previously opened bag of crushed grains? It's in a zip lock bag in a closet.  

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After my first batch of lock Stock and Barrel Stout I had several 1/2 packets of ingredients. I kept them in ziplock bags in the fridge for a couple months and just started another batch.


I'll let you know if that was the wrong thing to in about a year.

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