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How Off is the Stick On Temperature Strip

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I have the ones that you buy for the carboys on my LBK, they're about a foot long. I keep my LBK in a Cool Brewing bag with frozen bottles of water. So it's not the easiest method of temperature control. But it's better than leaving them on the counter in a NYC apartment with radiators going crazy and weather swings. 


Point is, the stick on thermometer says 60', it was as high as 66' earlier this week, and I had a nice kreusen. Too cold?

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The stick on thermometers are fairly accurate (within a degree or so). For the batch you have going 60 is at the low end, however, fermentation is definitely taking place. The bigger consideration would be wide temperature swings. As long as you can keep the temp within a 2-3 degree band in the low 60's you're golden (60-63 for example). B)

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