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I'm still confused about how your wife has wasted money here.  Others touched on this, but you can simply use the Mr. B fermenter with:


a ) Mr. B refills from Amazon or another reseller

b ) Cooper's (or other) HMEs from the LHBS

c ) LME or DME, with the addition of hops and/or steeping grains from the LHBS

d ) all-grain ingredients (as a partial mash with the above or full on AG brewing) from the LHBS

e ) honey wort to make tasty meads

f ) apple juice/cider to make tasty ciders

g ) Nearly anything you want to ferment (with the addition of yeast)


It's simply a 2.4 gallon fermenter.  Anything that would/could be done in a 5 gallon fermenter can be done in this fermenter by cutting the ingredients roughly in half.  I've done all of the above in mine to good affect.  It doesn't have to be used specifically for Mr. B HME cans if those aren't available to you.


Happy brewing!  RDWHAHB

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