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Boil malt extracts?

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In the MRB recipes I've been doing for the last year ( all LBK stuff) it states to add the HME and LME after removing the boiling hop and grain water from the heat, at least that's how I read it and have been doing it. However, in another thread I am reading about boiling the LME.  What gives? Is that something that happens in the more advanced levels?  Have I misinterpreted the process?



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HME is always added to the water after removal from heat, and is never boiled.


Mr. Beer's LME pouches are done in the same manner, UNLESS you're doing a hop boil, in which case you need WORT to boil your hops.  Sometimes that's simply steeped grain water, sometimes steeped grain water with LME, and sometimes just LME.  It's fine to boil LME (or DME), the only impact is the maillard effect, which darkens the wort.


Bulk LME or DME should ALWAYS be boiled!  Just like steeped grain water (after removal of the grains).  Why?  To kill bugs.  Grains aren't sanitary, and bulk DME / LME may not be depending on how it is stored.  I buy bulk LME at my LHBS from a 55 gallon drum, it pours out of a big handle into my non-sanitary container.  The handle has gooped LME all over it, which of course is likely growing things.  Boiling kills all that.

When adding DME or LME to a pot of water, the pot should ALWAYS BE REMOVED FROM THE STOVE.  And, there's no reason that it be boiling before adding, simply hot to dissolve the LME or DME (or in DME's case, some use cold water and stir while heating) and then boiled.  If you add LME to a pot on a hot stove, you can scorch it, and that batch is toast.  Ask me how I know...

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