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!/2 Year Since First Brew

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Hard to believe I am only 6 months in.  I have 16 brews completed, plus 2 rrebrews.  For the most part, I am very happy despite a handful of errors, including one LBK I over carved a bit!., all were very drinkable. Some were well beyond just drinkable.


Be sure to read what Mr. RickBeer suggests.  Very spot on.  But most important is patience.  Do not rush anything.  Longer conditioning time are reflected in a tastier beer.


Due to help from this from, I am very comfortable Partial Mash options and even making adjustment for my personal taste.  Next will be getting a conical fermenter to make larger batches or even moving on. to full grain efforts.


Next up are La Vie Boheme and Chronos.  They seem very tasty!


Brew On!



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4 minutes ago, Brian N. said:

Glad to see that your enjoying the hobby. I brew more than I drink, so friends are always willing to help me out, which is half the fun.


There is even a beer that my wife and sister-in-law refer to as their private reserve!

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