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Another newbie

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Hi All!!!

Got a brew kit for Christmas-Long Play IPA, I don't care for (I HATE) IPAs so I consider this a "throw-away" brew...BUT

I'm on day 13 of fermentation and I took a reading on my Mr Beer hydrometer.....WAIT let me back up a little...Which leads me to ..


Question 1;

My original reading on my MRB Hydrometer was "4.3" SO.....after many searches on many sites with many calculators STILL come up with


Question 1;


Is it 4.3

Is it 1.43

Is it 1.043

Is it 1043



SO, back to my 13th day reading....

It read;


or 1.13

or 1.013

or 1013


Temperature questions will be for another day....after hydro testing, I taste tested it and it tasted SO MUCH BETTER than any IPA I have EVER Drank...

I could drink it AS IS as opposed to a bottled IPA....GRRRRR

But it was a little sweet....so know I'm gonna let it kick for another week............

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Welcome to the brewing business :D

So at 3.9% it has a way to go to be done fermenting - it should go close to 5.5% (claimed). Also in case you are not familiar with the hydrometer (pls excuse suggestion  if you  are), make sure you read the bottom of the meniscus. You also should test hydrometer calibration in plain water just in case it might be off.


I liked the Long Play IPA too,  it is lighter by far than many commercial brews.




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Look under Rickbeer's post for "How to Read a Hydrometer" Bonsai & Brew provided the equation. There are on-line calculators such as the one on "Screwy Brewer". Worth taking a time to read and mull over. BTW - Welcome to the Forum.

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Thanks for the welcomes!!!

...and the criticism....DOHHH!

My confusion...other than how to ENTER the readings is ALSO how to enter the readings into which "calculator"..


I found a video from DIY Coopers that eliminated the decimal point....

it was a phone app and I don't do phone apps....so that didn't help....




I did actually read RickBeers post along with many other of his posts and they have absolutely been very informative...

However, notice that the hydrometer in his post has different increments than the MrBeer hydrometer....


so that doesn't help with what I'm working with....which is MrBeer brand merchandise.....


So, thanks again for the welcomes and I'm looking forward to drinking my first batch...

....and yes I do plan on a 21 day ferment as per all the info that I have been reading (YES I HAVE been READING) and I have a refractometer that's due to be delivered this coming week !!! Which I will be using to find the end of fermentation....not anything more complicated at this moment.


And to Mr RickBeer, with all due respect, I have been reading many many posts of yours and they have helped a lot in a lot of ways,

Its pretty obvious that I don't know to use/read/enter the data from my MRBEER hydrometer into various "calculators",



Thanks Again!!!



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