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Had my first ever beer a day earlier than expected.

It was good, not great at first. However, I started enjoying it more and more as it warmed

up and noticing flavors not tasted when colder.


Tomorrow I will try another not being in fridge, but in

a chilled glass.  I do have the benefit of a 55 degree cellar that

most don't.  Will report on findings tomorrow.


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Next up Diablo.  We watch our daughters dog Ike every year for 2 weeks when

she and our son-in-law go on vacation.  I like Ike we get along great and have fun

going to the park and hanging out.  However, the beer label I made Stupid Dog my wife

thought would upset our daughter, redo.  Now she says my new beer label (attached) would also

not be amusing to our daughter.  I was in tears making them, oh well back to drawing board.


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Had the first trub bottle on Long Play just now.

Going to warm condition another 2 weeks and see what happens.

Its ok right now, wouldn't buy another 6 pack of it.

Don't know if its my preference, or needs more conditioning.

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