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1 hour ago, Fire Rooster said:

First batch ever was Long Play, 3 weeks ferment, 4 weeks condition @72.

It has a slight harsh after bite to it, otherwise good.

Should I condition another month ??



Is that "harsh after bite" bitter or twangy fruity? The bitter may be the hops, since it's rated quite high on the bitterness scale. If it's the twangy fruity, then it may be the "LME twang" that is often talked about. I get often, and I especially got it when i brewed my first (and only) Mexican cerveza batch. I fermented quite warm, and I'm quite sure that I had too much diacetyl as a result. 

I just brewed my first batch of LP IPA, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to taste, but it's supposed to be lighter that the Diablo in ABV, but still quite bitter (as the Diablo is). 

I'm drinking stuff I bottled in December and really enjoying them.

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19 minutes ago, Fire Rooster said:


Bitter for sure, not twangy/fruity at all, that I can taste anyway.



It's rated at 70 IBU and its description mentions "... intense bitter finish."  So it's supposed to be a bitter IPA.  Longer conditioning will mellow the hoppy bitterness some.

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