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Different OG on two similar recipes?

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Curious here as I just brewed Witch's Flight and in comparing that recipe to one I have an order in for, Rockets Red Glare, they have different OG's.


Witch's Flight shows approx. OG of 1.065 and calls for  US-05 yeast, otherwise a very similar recipe to Rockets Red Glare that shows an approx. OG of 1.059.


Both recipes call for the same FG of 1.014 and ABV of 6.1%


Does using the different  yeast account for this?

I used my hydrometer on my Witch's Flight but my reading wasn't close to the 1.065, I only got a 1.051 but since my first time using it with wort I certainly could have erred in the process.

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Rickbeer, yes did add the LME and hops following the recipe. When I filled the hydrometer tube I had  the hydrometer in it and stopped filling when it started to float. Not sure if that was the best method and maybe should have taken more time for that.

As it was, I just quickly filled it jotted down the reading, returned the sample and pitched the yeast. SWMBO needed the kitchen.

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Here is a link on Hydrometer instructions. 

You may have inadvertently added air bubbles to the test tube under the hydrometer and lifted it up some when you poured the wort into the test tube with the hydrometer already inside. Not to worry though, as long as you followed the recipe and scraped and squeezed every bit of extract into the wort you can use the OG on the MB website.

Follow the above instructions when you take your FG before bottling. Brew on!

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