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My second brew: Irish Stout Deluxe... needed some rescue from a friend to stop fermenting at too high a temp. At 6 weeks, it is very good. I experimented with levels of carbonation. This one was too high for me. However, after letting it sit and warm up a bit, it’s a lot like Guinness Extra Stout. 


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Irish Stout is a good one. I used a lot less priming sugar than recommended, and it still had good carbonation and a long lasting head as in your picture. However, I've been fermenting my beers at a much cooler temperature (64-66 deg F), often for 3 weeks plus a couple of days. Beer is smooth, with great stout flavor, no "bite" lasting after the swallow. Sadly, I've run out and my brew schedule is full until summer, when I take a break.

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