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Creeps McLane

Grain Mill Problems 😞

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I have a cereal killer mill. I’ve been having some serious problems with it. So I decided to spend some time tonight and adjusting it, testing it, adjusting it, and finally being happy with my efforts. So I decided I would post a little anatomy of a grain mill to prevent people from having my problems. First of all, http://braukaiser.com/wiki/index.php/CrushEval that should help.


Lets look here first cuz I think this was the root of my problem. The eye bolts are what lock the rollers to the set gap. The nuts are what lock the eye bolts in place thus reinforcing the roller setting. The process to set the gap is as follows: loosen eye bolts and the nuts should loosen with it. I then loosen the nuts a little further to ensure the eye bolt tighten up first. Next, I adjust the rollers. I have wooden shims that I kinda eye up and just make sure both sides are even. If both sides are not adjusted evenly then you’ll get grains that are more chopped than crushed. Find your setting, tighten eye bolts, tighten nuts. Go ahead and test. 


these are the roller gap setting knobs.  The numbers are there more as guides. Mine don’t match up but the rollers do. However if you don’t monkey with it as much as I do then these should align correctly. 05C43BB4-5135-4611-A239-573C0D4921CE.thumb.jpeg.4844afcb33c626fa19136845da733392.jpeg

 when you’re done, both rollers should be perfectly symmetrical. I set mine pretty tight cuz I am a big fan of wheat and rye in my beers and the grain is a little smaller than normal 2 row. Plus I mash in a sack.  When I test mine, I make sure I have grain on both ends on the mill and then I look and make sure both ends are crushing the same. 



like me I said. I was having problems. I did a little research and saved myself from buying another set of rollers. After every brew day I just spray mine out with some condensed air. Boom, done. I hope this helps some one at some point. 

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