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Den Smith


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It depends on what you consider a "stink".  I personally love the smell of a beer brewing.  Between the grains mashing and then the hops boiling in the wort, makes my mouth water.


Mr Beer kits don't create much of a smell.  So brew on.


Welcome Den

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mr beer kits are largely hopped malt in cans, lme packs and booster.  they are made so the beginner can make good beer easily, fast, and with little muss or fuss.


that being said:  with their kits you boil water, then turn it off and remove from burner.  you add your malt and stir in. no smell there really.

you add cold water to lbk and add your wort to it.. again. no smell.

you add the yeast... and let it work its magic. 


you MIGHT get a faint wafting of hops... some malty smell as it ferments.  IF you piss off the yeast they can produce a variety of smells from apple cider to sulfur. nottingham and US04 have on a couple occasions for me made sulfur. not bad... and once i corrected what they were complaining about it got better.  (temp and lack of nutrient in a hobo wine, and just temp in a beer).   notty can also throw off faint banana smells sometimes. 


when i brew with malt boils, hops etc the house picks up a smell akin to raisin bran cereal and pine trees. only way i can describe what i detect.  take a big whiff from a bran cereal box while holding a fist full of pine needles.  if you have a stove hood with a fan, that will help. i cook mine outdoors on a propane burner because in florida, brewing indoors creates gobs of humidity.. and electric stoves suck at heating wort evenly...also cost to operate is high.


i love the smell and it doesnt linger more than a couple days.  if your brew day assaults your nose and makes you go 'oh gawd im going to puke' then you might be doing something very wrong.   use good water. avoid municipal tap water if it is chlorinated.  chlorine can make your beer taste and smell like rubbery band aids.


ive found wine yeasts to be more likely to throw off big stinks than ale yeast.  never use bread yeast for beer.  it cant take the alcohol, and it makes nasty bready, yeasty , low alcohol content beer.  quality yeast and good water... sanitation... care... and you will make good beer.


temperature control is critical even with mr beer kits. every yeast has a sweet spot in temps that they do best at. ale yeast typically likes a range of ambient temps from 58f-66f when they are first getting busy with the ferment (ie 3-5 days). yeast make different esters (flavors) at different temps. you can play with this as you build experience. a hefeweizen yeast at the low range of optimal might make cloves and earthy spice esters.  same yeast fermented at the hot range of optimal can make banana or bubble gum esters.


hope you have fun with this. it's one of the few hobbies that you can drink your mistakes!

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