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The Real Mr. Beer - Live Stream Thread

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FYI, I had multiple problems trying to view the feed today.  I tried going in and out a few times, closing my browser and pulling it back up...nothing.  I'm a computer geek by trade, so I know the basics.  Recheck the firewall.  Nope.  Clear out the temp files and cache.  Nope.


Gave up.

Tried it again about 3 hours after the episode was over.  Nothing.  Then, I remembered something I used to tell people when I first started in the corporate world on the help desk.  First restart the computer, then power off/on




Although, Now, I can watch back episodes  :D


Yoda........going back to Computer Sciences 101

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Durn.  Was hoping that I could ferment at a 72, as that is the coldest I can keep my apartment without going bankrupt.  Yes, I can use ice bottles.  I might be doing that, but for now, the brewery is closed.  I'd like to experiment on ciders prior to Autumn, so that they will be ready for the prime apple picking season and family holidays.


Someone on the broadcast asked about cider recipes, and I mentioned the recipe database.  I started the thread as "database", but it probably will stay as a spreadsheet..........at least for a while.  It is located here:




Open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, and with <CTRL><F> do a search on Hard Cider.  There are 8 entries, and the one that catches my eye the most is the Mulled Cider.  I might make this one, but order the mulling spices that come with Yule Like This Ale instead of having to deal with what the grocery store sells.  Carmel Apple, Hopped Apple, Blueberry Apple, and an "apple pie" with grains all are on the list of recipes to attempt.

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It was great to be back on and able to watch the live streams again. Thanks @MRB Tim for the video on Yule Like This Ale.  I still have a few bottles of the first time I made this recipe, bottled December 23 last year.  Throwing out some ideas on the chat area about holiday beers, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter in general made me "chomping at the bit" (as they say in Kentucky) to get started brewing again. 


I'll start cleaning the brewery (aka Kitchen), and evaluating my tools of the trade this weekend.  Perhaps I can ferment a Saison soon while I wait for the temps to cool down a bit, and work on a brewing schedule.




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Don't miss today's stream, which will be about Brut IPAs, a new style of IPA gaining traction along the west coast and just now starting to spread east. I've never made one of these beers before so we'll be learning together! NOTE: This beer style can only be made as an all-grain recipe and is not possible with extract brewing.


Tune in at 2:30 (AZ time)!

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