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1 hour ago, dale hihn said:

I have no use for a hydrometer now that I have my refractometer.

Mine is collecting dust... I went back to the hydrometer.  I don't trust the refractometer or the calcs you need to get the digits.

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To each their own. Brewers friend and seanterril.com are same result and they jive with my hydrometer reading as I verified after calibrating the refractometer. My main use is to know when fermentation has completed. I’m not concerned if I’m out slightly on abv. 

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15 minutes ago, RickBeer said:

Heat water on the stove a bit, then remove the pot and gently stir in the DME a little at a time.  Return pot to stove, bring to boil while constantly stirring.  Remove from heat, add can of HME.

If you purchase the DME from your local homebrew store, it will likely be in a 1 lb bag. My suggestion is to pour out the amount you want to use into a bowl before trying to adding it to the water. If you don't and try to pour from the bag, the steam will begin forming syrup on your bag. Picture cotton candy on a humid August afternoon. When you add the HME, the water only needs to reach a low boil. High boil risks caramelizing some of the sugars in your extracts. 

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