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Saw this today - yeast making flavors normally introduced by hops. In the future we could be using blends of yeasts with different flavor making strains. I have been wondering about this for a while. Once homebrewers get hold of these strains, I am sure that some will thorough home yeast reproduction  evolve or separate the strains into different more interesting ones.


Research article here



There is a lot to be experimented with here and a lot of learning but a lot of opportunity too.


Would anyone here try it?


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You can actually purchase home kits for genetically modifying yeast. You can even make bio-fluorescent yeast that glows! I've been thinking about picking up one of these kits. http://www.the-odin.com/diy-crispr-kit/


They've even been experimenting with growing special types of antibiotics from yeast among other things (including THC...). Yeast has a lot of potential in not only the brewing industry, but also the medical and health industry.

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