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Had a great time at the MUG Midwest meeting.  Thanks again to all who made it.  I will try to schedule another one for next year.  I'm hopeful that other people will step up and try to hold a "local" or "regional" meeting for their area.  If you want to do one, please send me a personal message, and I'll tell you some of the things to do and not do to make it work.


One of the things I enjoyed most was sitting in the hotel rooms and sharing/discussing beers.  This is not something I can easily do where I live.  The places close to where I live have very few taps, and most people drink American lagers, not craft beers.  There are several excellent breweries in Louisville and many places that have lots of craft taps, but to drive there and back (30-60 minutes) is risky.  What I'd like to do is go somewhere, meet up with beer aficionados, and share/discuss beers.  I'm wanting to do weekend drives to places for now, perhaps fly to places in the future.  Weekend get-aways for a pint or two.


So, tell me where to go.  I'm thinking of weekend trips to Indianappolis IN, Columbus/Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio, Nashville/Knoxville TN, and perhaps St. Louis MO.  If you live in or near these areas, let me know what weekend is good for you, and I'll schedule some time off to pay you a visit.

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Lots of great opportunities in St. Louis and I'm there 2-3 times per week (I live in Southern Illinois). The Anheuser/Busch tour is very interesting (keep your snarky comments to yourself, it truly is interesting). A very vibrant craft beer scene. And if you want to do the touristy thing, the St. Louis Zoo and Museum's are free (paid for by local hotel tax dollars). Not to mention a lot of good food! Did I mention the craft beer scene? STLCBW (St. Louis Craft Beer Week) is in August. Food for thought. 

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