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Mr Beer Fermeters Compared - FastFermenter, LBK, 2G Vertifical Fermenter

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What are advantages and disadvantages of the various fermenters Mr. Beer sells?  Right now I have 4 LBKs and one of the vertical 2G Fermenters.  I am intrigued by the conical fermenter.


I can see the size and space benefits of the LBK, particularly when used in a fridge for temp control.  And I see the advantage of the vertical 2G fermenter.


What makes the fastfermenter appealing?  If there is a blog post or somewhere else this has already been discussed, I would appreciate it!

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Conical fermenters have two advantages.  First, the cone holds the dead yeast which on many fermenters can be removed.  Second, the conical shape allows better circulation of the wort both during fermentation, and during cooling, assuming that the fermenter has cooling jackets properly placed and properly utilized.  That's really only relevant in commercial installations.  


Fast fermenter allows removal of the yeast totally as the container detaches.  Downside is it's plastic, and eventually will scratch.

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