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Metallic Grass like taste, need help

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The blind test taste, two bottles of Kama Citra IPA, carbonated and conditioned in the bottle for one week. One primed with table sugar and one primed with corn sugar and these were refrigerated for one week.


Earlier in this thread I mentioned I could taste a difference with the corn sugar being more bitter. In the blind tasting the two samples were poured the same way in the glass and well there is a visual difference, captured in the picture below. 


I had my wife hand me the samples randomly, while my were closed, no peeking, and these are the results.


Three out of three times, it was very easy to taste the difference between the two samples. The sample which tasted more bitter and had less aroma came from bottle primed with corn sugar. The sample which was less bitter, smoother mouth feel and stronger aroma was from the bottle primed with table sugar.


Now in four weeks there may be no difference between the two samples, however with one week of conditioning, there most definitely is. Although the bottle primed with corn sugar holds a better head, the taste, aroma and mouth feel of the bottle primed with table sugar wins out.


The below picture, the table sugar sample is on the left and the corn sugar sample is on the right.


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7 minutes ago, Shrike said:

That's one heckuva palate you have there, @doc280!


Do you plan on doing another blind test at the four-week point?

Really the differences between these samples was so dramatic a heckuva palate was not required. I have put bottles of each version away for future sampling at different time periods, just for my curiosity. If you guys would like me to do them blind, I can do that and post the results.

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