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No Hop Sack

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I've done it once w/o a hop sack ("going commando" as many refer to it) and do not recommend it.  Had lots of residue/chunks at bottling.  In retrospect, I could've cold crashed and that might've prevented it, but even so, I wouldn't do it again.



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19 hours ago, epete28 said:

What's the difference between dumping pellet hops straight into the fermenter versus putting them in a Muslin sack?

In my experience... everything!  While I much more prefer the ease of using a sack for DH'in, and that fact that the beer clarifies so much faster when you Cold Crash, we have done several batches both ways and noticed that when we Dh by "going commando" the DH aromas are so much better vs the sack where they appear to be muted.  This is, of course, comparing apples to apples or as in the case, the same recipe to the same recipe.

With that said, let me also say that we use conicals vs the LBK.  I feel this is an advantage for sure.

If you choose to go the "commando" route, one thing I would advise to watch is your cold crash temperature.  You really want to get it as cold as possible, without freezing.  Our walk in cooler has usually been set to run between 35*-37*.   Last Wednesday I went to keg a beer and noticed it hadn't clarified enough to do so yet.  I was puzzled.  We checked it again on Thursday, still a no go. That's when we noticed the temp in the cooler was running at about 45*.  Friday afternoon I made some adjustments to the Coolbot (unhooked it, reset it and started again) and it seemed to bring it down a few degrees.  By yesterday that beer was *this close* to being ready. Yesterday we did some routine cleaning in the brewery, as well as 4 hours worth of cleaning kegs(!) and we are hoping that the unit will be back to running between 35*-37* again.  At those temps, a conical with 30-32 gallons in it takes roughly 4 days to clarify.  Anything warmer and it just wont happen.

Just my 2 cents...


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