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Booster vs DME-LME

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36 minutes ago, Fire Rooster said:

Standard refills come with 2 boosters, and sold individually, $1.75 X 2 = $3.50.

LME & DME are sold for $3.49 each.


Would it make sense to have a choice of one LME or DME instead of 2 boosters ?



Standard refills come with the Boosters at no charge (though they are sold separately @ $1.75), but when buying a Deluxe refill, the cost of the LME is figured into the price. Whether you choose DME/LME or Booster depends on what you are making.


27 minutes ago, RickBeer said:

Yes.  In fact, booster used to come in a bigger bag, no idea why it was cut in half.


This was mainly due to shipping issues. The larger bag had a history of busting open in transit. The smaller bags are much stronger and less likely to bust open. Also, many customers expressed that they didn't always use the whole bag and preferred using half instead.

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