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Batch prime tubing

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I haven't batch primed yet, but want to be set up to do so.


Do those of you who  batch prime  just put  3/8 O.D. tubing up the spigot on an LBK and run that into your priming bucket?


I picked some tubing up today and tried it on a new LBK that I needed to sand the spigot opening down on and make sure it didn't leak. The tubing fit okay up the LBK spigot but did leak a drop every now and then when I ran the water through it. I'd prefer just a tad tighter fit, and not sure if it would take a wrap of Teflon tape on that smooth surface.


I did notice that the tubing leaked when I had the LBK fully filled to the top with water. When the level dropped to the 2 gal mark it stopped, so could be just too much gravity force was on it when the LBK was so full.

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36 minutes ago, RickBeer said:

My tubing fits OVER the spigot.  But you have the newer spout.  If you're using teflon tape, make sure to sanitize it.  Or buy tubing that goes OVER the spigot.  

Yeah, the new design must be a lot different, because its short and tapers down quickly so not much room left to put something like a clamp on the hose to hold it firmly.

Bottling wand fits inside pretty snugly and the tubing fits pretty well, so I think it will work okay for batch priming transfer.


If the bottling wand wasn't so long I would have gotten some 3/8 I.D. tubing and put it over one end of it.



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