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bread yeast experiment?

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has anyone any experience using fleishmens with a standard mr refill?
i used some in a wine and it is devine despite warnings etc.
now just for spit and giggles i am wondering. 
american ale with fleishmens yeast? should i do it that simple or add some honey or should i not do it at all?

suggestions and experiences welcomed and encouraged.

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Why not? ...... it is you that has to drink it........ It will definitely be beer but google to see best temperature for it.

I looked and found  this comment: 

Warning: Do Not use Fleishmanns or any other major brand of bread yeast. Ive conducted many experiments in years past when brewing supply runs were day trips across los angeles. Even "organic yeast" grown in mollasses. I may have gotten perfect fermentation profiles out of ' em, but they would always leave an annoying (usually annoyin) taste means a single chemical. I actally found a brand at Albertsons for "whole grain bread" from something -Mills . Really english ale character. Floctuated really strong .sticky yeast.


Maybe this one - you can buy it online.




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bread yeast...  not very hearty. it was engineered to eat sugar and pee out tons of co2, not alcohol. thats what makes bread dough rise.  it is yeasty in flavor and will effect your beer in several ways.  you will likely get a beer that quits at about 3% alcohol... maybe 4. (guessing)   it will have an annoying bread crust flavor or doughy taste. if you use activated yeast and/or really pamper it.. you might hit 10% abv.  rehydrate in sugar water. let it form foam to show it's alive. pitch. you could do step feedings with honey.  after a day in the fermenter you take some honey and warm it in some water to about 145f for 5-10 mins. cool it. pop your fermenter top and add the honey water.  then in a couple days repeat.  you start with a low og and gradually bump it up this way.


i used it in a quick mead. it produced gobs of fusel alcohols. the mead stopped at about 7% (guessing... no hydrometer back then)  , was extremely carbonated, and with the fusels gave me a massive headache. the co2 shot the little alcohol straight to the brain along with the fusels and when the buzz quit, the throbbing pounding head was most unpleasant. i did nothing to take care of the yeast except add a bunch of fruit to the must.  technically then i guess it was a melomel?


why waste a good beer kit with crap yeast? garbage in? garbage out.


if you want to do the experiment anyway,  spend as little money as possible.  buy a pound  dme. buy a qtr oz of some simple hop like cascade. use a gallon of water. do a hop boil for about 30 mins. cool. no idea how much yeast i would pitch in a batch like this if it were bread yeast.  if your og is too high, you'll end up with a icky sweet, dough flavored 'beer'. if you keep your og low, you end up with maybe a 4% or better  doughy beer.  a 1 gal batch of 1 #dme will yield about a 4% abv 'beer'. 


no expert here... i would just use beer yeast in my batches. .. but go for it if you want.


oh if my memory serves, the bread yeast i used formed a silty trub layer. if i even looked at it , it seemed to agitate back into the liquid. it didnt stay compacted much at all.

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For burning money - I can help, Just send it to me and trust that I burn it - B)


Still we have several opinions.

1 - you can't get a traditional beer taste with bread yeast so it is a waste of time and money to try.

2. - if you do try don't use Fleischman's

3. - Some other brand yeast *Mills(maybe HodgsonsMill)  gave an acceptable (to 1 person anyway) result

4. - Can try it and save $ using a simple extract brew.

5. - Some brewers are always curious to try new things.


My conclusion -

Most beer drinkers will not like beer brewed with Fleischman's yeast

We do not know what beer brewed with HidgsoneMilltaste like

We do not know that whatever the outcome TimelordJason may find this is his most favorite beer in the whole world.


So I would say give it a try with HodgsonsMill and see. I doubt it will be undrinkable it just may taste  strange. So probably does Kombucha.

But then.....you can always pretend it is a new kind of beverage.


Or like this



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or you could be really adventurous.   take a small mason jar. add a couple fist fulls of raisins. cover with water. cover jar with a paper towel.  sit it out on the counter for a week or so.  in time you will see bubbles forming on the raisins due to wild yeast.  feed it sugar for awhile.  then pitch that into your wort.


no telling what the heck yeast you end up with or what results.


if you really really want to live la vita loca,  do an open fermentation without any temperature control and wild yeast. you'll likely end up with a sour. lactobacter is everywhere and so is brett.

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